Important Notice

LRT Barra Station opens on 8 December and a new fare zone add

Released Date : 27/11/2023 09:15
All train tests for the extension of the Macao LRT Taipa Line to Barra Station have been successfully completed. The Macau LRT Taipa Line service will extend to Barra Station from 8 December 2023, an official mark of the LRT connection between Taipa and Macau. The first train departing from Barra Station to Taipa Ferry Terminal Station will set at 6:30 a.m. on that day.
In accordance with the Chief Executive's Dispatch No. 188/2023 published in the Official Gazette, Macao Light Rapid Transit Corporation, Limited will increase the fare zone of LRT tickets for the future extension of the LRT lines and increase station numbers. Each sea-crossing section will need to be considered as two stations when calculating the number of stations, which involve the section between Barra and Ocean Station, and the section between Hengqin Station and Lotus Station. For details about LRT fares, please contact LRT station staff.
LRT Fare after amendment (MOP):
(Before amendment)
(After amendment)
Single Journey Tickets General Electronic Prepaid Card, Macau Pass or Concessionary Single Journey Ticket* Student electronic prepaid card or Student Macau Pass Child under one meter in height, Senior Electronic Card or Disabled Electronic Card
3 stations or less 3 stations or less $6 $3 $1.5 Free
4 to 6 stations 4 to 6 stations $8 $4 $2
7 to 10 stations 7 to 10 stations $10 $5 $2.5
--- 10 to 12 stations $12 $6 $3
*Concessionary Single Journey Ticket: Available for children under the age of 12, senior citizens aged 65 or above and disabled without the possession of electronic card or Macau Pass.