Important Notice
LRT Trivia
  • How is safety taken into account in designing LRT's rubber tire?
    Macao LRT has a rubber tire system. The rubber tire used by LRT can reduce noise more effectively than the steel tire used by heavy rail system. In addition, there is a metal tire inside the rubber tire. Such design of tire can ensure that the metal tire is still able to facilitate the running of train in case of rubber tire leakage or explosion. In this way, the train can continue safely and steadily to cover a certain distance until the next stop, thus ensuring passenger safety.
  • What emergency measures will be adopted in case of breakdown of LRT in midway?
    In case the passengers encounter emergency and need assistance, they can contact staff at the operation control center through the intercom in the train, which is also equipped with closed circuit television to enable operation personnel to understand the situation in the train. In general, the train has an emergency handle which can be pulled to send a warning signal to the control center and have the train pull over at the nearest station, where platform staff will assist passengers to evacuate.
  • What is fully automatic train control system? What are the advantages of the system?
    Macao LRT System adopts fully automatic train control system, which utilizes state-of-the-art monitoring and communication/signal systems to supervise and dispatch the operation of overall Macao LRT System through an operation control center without having to be operated by drivers and staff. This system, which is being used across the world including adjacent countries and regions such as Singapore and Taiwan, has accumulated many years of successful operation experience.
    The fully automatic train control system leverages the state-of-the-art automatic control technology to flexibly adjust the train runs so as to ensure punctuality of train and provide more efficient services. What is more, the system can effectively maintain the fixed safety operation distance between trains so as to avoid the occurrence of accident caused by improper manual operation and significantly enhance the safety of the Macao LRT System, providing safe and highly reliable rail transit service to passengers.
  • What considerations does Macao LRT System have regarding the use of energy?
    The natural resources on the Earth are increasingly depleted. Therefore, Macao LRT System adopts concrete measures regarding the use of energy to promote the sustainable development of LRT project.
    Among these measures, the brake system of Macao LRT System uses regenerative braking technology. When the LRT slows or stops, the motor of the car is turned into braking electric generator, which can convert kinetic energy of the car into electrical energy. The regenerative braking system can not only achieve the braking effects, but also produce renewable energy, which can be either absorbed by adjacent train or stored by storage battery for future use. This is a highly efficient energy recycling technology, which embodies the environmental-friendly design concept of the Macao LRT System.
    In addition, the design of LRT implements the idea of environment protection and energy saving by adopting LED lighting system, which is different from traditional fluorescent lighting system. The use of LED lights not only consumes less energy, but also ensures stability, reliability, high efficiency and longevity of the lighting system. Compared with fluorescent lamps, LED lamps which do not contain mercury are environment-friendly and will not cause mercury pollution. Furthermore, LED lamps have the advantages of light on demand without flashing, longevity unaffected by frequent on/off, and more durability. All of these qualities surpass fluorescent lamps.
  • What are the characteristics of Macao LRT System?
    Macao LRT System has three major characteristics: convenience, environmental-friendly and barrier-free. Among them:
    Automobile is a means of transport that takes considerable public road resources. However, with its exclusive right of way, the Macao LRT System keeps away from the crowded surface road, ensuring that the LRT is by no means affected by road traffic conditions during its operation. Meanwhile, the use of fully automatic train control system can ensure the punctual train service and allow increased train service according to actual needs to facilitate the travel of local residents.
    The introduction of the LRT is expected to reduce the number of times when city residents drive their cars or scooters. With the LRT as the major means and bus/taxi as auxiliary means, the integrated public commuting pattern is conducive to enhancing the residents' desire to use public transport for travel, thus alleviating the pressure of road traffic congestion in the long term.

    Pollutants and exhaust gas emitted by cars are one of major sources of air pollution in Macau. Furthermore, exhaust gas is one of major sources that cause regional or global warming. Besides its zero emission, electrically propelled Macao LRT System is a kind of green transport which can improve the air quality through reduction of traffic jams. In addition, stations and trains can operate in a more energy-efficient way through proper designs, thus being able to save energy effectively.

    The concept of accessibility has been introduced to provide convenience to the handicapped and elderly when designing various facilities of the Macao LRT System. For example, the elevator with proper height ratio, the lift with voice broadcasting system, warning blind sidewalk, Braille, slope for wheelchairs, and special information system are available to those who need them for more convenient use. As to the platform, besides next stop announcement system, its design also tries to narrow the gap between the platform and the train, making it easy for wheelchair users to get on/off the train. The seat near the train door can be folded to make room for the wheelchair, which can be secured by fixtures under the seat. In this way, needs of different passengers are met and the safety of wheelchair users are ensured.
  • Why did Macao choose to use Light Rapid Transit?
    Macao LRT is a fully automatic train control medium-capacity rapid transit system, in which one group consists of two carriages and one or two groups run together. As it is a fully automatic train control system, the operation of trains is supervised and controlled by the operation control center. Therefore, there is no need to set up driver's seat in the carriage so as to make more room for passengers. In addition, without having to deal with deployment of manpower, the scheduling of train runs is much more flexible. This explains why each carriage of the LRT can carry more passengers although its size is similar to that of a big bus.

    Major reasons why Macao has chosen the LRT include:
    1. The travelling route of LRT allows smaller turning radius and steeper slope, making it ideal for cities like Macao characterized by dense population and environmental restraints;
    2. As the rubber tire is used and the train travels on smooth concrete road, the LRT system makes little voice in operation, thus exerting little impact on its surroundings and suitable to operate in crowded urban environment;
    3. Although its capacity is lower than that of heavy rail system, it requires less time to construct and costs less in terms of construction and operation.
  • For the LRT Taipa Line, how long will it take to travel ? What is the journey time of Macao LRT?
    The LRT Taipa Line is 12.5 km in length, consists of 12 stations, it takes about 27 minutes to travel the whole length.
  • How about the service frequency of Macao LRT Taipa Line ?
    Each shift is about 7.5 to 10 minutes, and will according to the actual people flow to encrypt and adjust.
  • What is the operation time of Macao LRT?
    The operation schedule is Monday to Friday from 06:30 a.m. to 23:15 p.m,  Saturday to Sunday and public holiday from 06:30 a.m. to 23:59 p.m. After completing the operation every night, the system will be maintained and repaired.
  • What is the speed of Macao LRT?
    The average speed of LRT is about 25 kilometers per hour with the length of time for each stop included. In fact, the designed highest speed for the train is 80 kilometers per hour. As the distance between adjacent stations of Macao LRT is relatively short and there are many bends, the train will usually travel at a relatively steady speed so as to ensure the comfort of passengers.