Important Notice
Ocean Cruiser
Theme of the train
The design concept of a sea-resort city is used. The exterior color of Aquatic white and Deep Sea Blue represents the aquatic stratum, and the orange accent wave graphic at the side of the vehicle expresses the reflection of the sunlight. Passengers inside can obtain a resort-like beautiful scenery through the octagon-wide window at the front. The shape of the partition design and the stanchion pole are inspired by the sail. The motional circular design of the handrail to the stand pole inspires the movement of the water ripple.
Specifications of the train (for 2 cars)
Exterior dimensions: Length--23.5m, Width--2.8m, Height—3.8m
Seats: 44

Design Concept
A city richly co-existed with sea-resorts is expressed in the vehicle design. Visual image for the Ocean Cruiser design:
Aquatic Stratum
Aquatic Clear
Ripple, Wave

Compartments design optimation
The exterior color of the vehicle is inspired by the aquatic stratum theme of Aquatic white and Deep Sea Blue. The reflection of the sunlight is expressed by the orange accent wave graphic at the side of the vehicle. An octagon-wide front window is situated at the front end, which gives passengers a resort-like beautiful scenery from the inside of the vehicle.
Interior Design
Based on the Aquatic Stratum theme, the color of the interior, seats and advertising space are coordinated in blue tone. The shape of the sail inspires the partition design and the stanchion pole. Translucent partition is used to give an aquatic-clear feeling.
Interior Design Detail
The motion of the water ripple inspires the movement of the circles from the handrail to the stand pole.
Wheelchair Space
Wheelchair Spaces are located at the middle seat row near to the door exit. By pulling the level beneath the seat, the seat will be folded up to create the wheelchair space. Anchor point to hook the wheelchair is also available under the wheelchair space.
Front Window
The distinctive octagon front window provides wide view scenery from the interior.

LRT compartments design optimized in accordance with public opinions
The interior design of the LRT compartments are further optimized and improved after reviewing the opinions and suggestions of the local residents, which makes the compartments more humane.
The seats will be made of stainless steel to improve the security and the convenience of maintenance.
The seats will be covered with curved surface and non-slip components to increase passengers' comfort.
Before optimization
After optimization
The handrail rods will be extended to the top of the train, in order to offer more gripping positions.
The number of the handrail grips will be increased on both sides of the compartments, and the handrails will be repositioned to the central area, with the height lowered to facilitate the passengers.
Before optimization
After optimization
Road map
The position to show the road map will be adjusted from the both sides of the door to the top.
Before optimization
After optimization
Barrier-Free facilities
The wheelchair fixture will be repositioned to the folding seats, and by making use of car safety buckles, the wheelchair can be fixed conveniently and quickly.
The wheelchair spaces and the priority seats will be separately positioned and labeled.
Before optimization
After optimization