Important Notice
Features of LRT System – Convenient, Eco-friendly, Accessible
Light Rapid Transit System (LRT) is a mass transport system featuring low-carbon emission and its green design. It provides support to the region's environment and economy on sustainable development. Meanwhile, while it is acting as a motivation to the region's development potential, it also encourages the increase of people flow inside the city and among regions. Compared to other transport modes, LRT is a zero-emission but high-capacity transport; it can carry more people than buses can. The elevated rails it runs on can be completed separated, which ensures the system with a fast, safe and reliable operational environment. Moreover, the introduction of accessible facilities can be of benefit to various kinds of users, providing them with convenient services.
Service of the LRT System covers most of the urban areas of the city, creating favorable conditions for the cross-boundary land transport connection between Macao and neighbouring areas, eventually enabling the integration of the whole region. With the connection of rail networks, the region can be further connected through different transportation and in different ways, making it possible for people to travel around without any limitations. Consequently, Macao becomes even more competitive when facing regional and international challenges.
Vehicle exhaust emission is one of the major sources of global pollution and deteriorates the problem of global warming. In particular, the energy consumption of fuel-consumed vehicles is extremely high. On the contrary, LRT System has its own rails to run, not only can it offer a faster and more punctual service, but also a higher passenger capacity. The System itself runs on electricity with zero-emission and it is also a public transport mainly operated on rail system, which can carry a large number of passengers to their destination efficiently. It is believed that these features are so competitive that some drivers will be willing to give up their private vehicle, including cars and motorcycles, to use the LRT service. Therefore, energy conservation and vehicle emission control can be achieved.
LRT provides not only residents and visitors with convenient and environment-friendly public transport, but also an accessible environment for those in need. Depending on different circumstances, there will be different architectural designs to fit in, for example, in order to help the elderly and rehabilitated, LRT offers accessible facilities such as elevators, ramps, tactile tiles, signages and line markings. For general passengers, accessible facilities can provide them with a convenient and comfortable environment as well as a fast and safe public transport service.